Building Services

You can rely on us to procure maintenance services for your property, supervise trades people and employees, and respond to maintenance emergencies rapidly. In performing these crucial services, we draw from established relationships with qualified, experienced vendors. Competitive bids are obtained for all maintenance work to be performed, and supervision is provided by both the Property Supervisor and the Director of Property Maintenance. Following is a description of the services we provide: 

Full-time Maintenance Director 

We employ an experienced and qualified individual to analyze and monitor any maintenance project that may pertain to your building. This individual reviews the proposed work and assists the Property Supervisor in obtaining the most competitive bids from the best trade sources.

  Property Inspections 

We schedule regular walk-through inspections at your building in order to assure the highest levels of cleanliness, upkeep, and building safety. We are well known for exemplifying "pride of ownership" standards in buildings under our management.

Purchasing/ Vendors

The trades people we hire to perform work at your building must meet stringent pre-qualification requirements, including experience, adequate worker's compensation and liability insurance coverage's, licensing, competitive pricing, excellent references, and a successful track record.


Maintenance projects will be closely monitored in order to ensure quality workmanship, compliance with safety requirements, and timely completion of work. All trades people are closely supervised by our maintenance staff, supervisors, and resident managers.

24 Hour Emergency On-call Service

In the event of a maintenance emergency, the caller will be able to page the maintenance director immediately. Our maintenance personnel or appropriate trades people will promptly respond to the emergency, and will resolve the problem in a cost effective and efficient manner.


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