Financial Management

Your real estate investment is a significant asset. We understand the importance of providing you with the information and advice needed to achieve your investment goals and objectives. 

We offer a complete range of specialized accounting services, including: 

Sophisticated, customized reports detailing property income and expense

Annual, year-end summary for tax reporting purposes. 

Meetings as needed with owners, accountants, attorneys, financial consultants, contractors, or other parties in order to promote the most profitable operation of your property and maximize the net return to the owner. 

Preparation of annual budget, and monthly cash flow management.

Each month, you will receive current monthly and year-to-date financial statements on your property containing the following components;

Income and Unit Detail

This report details the scheduled and collected rents for each unit in your building, and summarizes the ratio of collected current month and year-to-date income. 

Cash Flow Statement

This statement shows the beginning cash balance, followed by monthly income, and delineates fixed and variable expenses. It also breaks down any debt service during the month into its principal and interest components. 

Balance Sheet

We provide a monthly balance sheet showing the balance in the operating account, the principal balance of any loans on the property, and, if desired, the tax basis of land and improvements. 

Cash Flow Spreadsheet

This report summarizes income and expense by category on a monthly basis to allow you to compare operating results.

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