Marketing for Tenants

Effective advertising is the key to saving lost rental income and placing quality tenants in every unit of your building. Your building will receive the best exposure to rental prospects through our ongoing advertising campaign which draws prospective tenants from a variety of sources. Our in-house leasing coordinator refers prospects to buildings with vacancies, and units are usually rented within days at top market values. Your needs will be carefully evaluated, and a customized advertising program will be designed for your building, while keeping costs as low as possible.

Media Advertising 

We run daily block ads in numerous regional and local newspapers, and various rental magazines. You will participate in our competitive contract rates, and will benefit from frequent copy updates and larger ads.

Rental Guide

This unique marketing tool was designed by one of our own employees who recognized the importance of getting rental information directly into the hands of prospective renters. These guides are displayed in a container outside each building we manage, as well as in our office. The guide has been an invaluable tool for both keeping our units rented and enhancing our resident managers' networking system.


Our signs are displayed on nearly 200 rental properties throughout Los Angeles County. Vacancies are advertised with "Apartment for Rent" and "Open House" signs. We receive many inquiries from prospective tenants in response to our signage.

Manager Networking 

Our manager networking system has been very effective in capitalizing on potential rental opportunities. When a rental prospect comes to any one of our 150+ properties, we do our best to keep the prospect within our system until he or she rents one of our units. Through extensive training, our managers are able to identify qualified prospects and make productive referrals to other buildings we manage when their own building does not have an appropriate unit available for a prospective tenant.

Other Advertising Services 

Additional advertising methods include resident referral programs, direct mail, manager incentives, "Rentline" advertising, professional leasing services, value-added amenities, balloons and banners, move-in incentives, and "mini-models".


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